Hayward AquaVac 250 li review

Hayward Aquavac 250 li Automatic Pool Cleaner

Hayward is one of the oldest and most respected names in pool cleaning. Their products have been around for decades and are known for their quality and reliability. Their newest cordless pool cleaner, the Hayward AquaVac 250 Li Cleaner for Flat-Bottomed Pools, has all of the features that you want in a robotic pool cleaner at a price that won’t break your budget. The following is my full review.

This robotic vacuum cleaner will automatically clean your pool floor, walls, steps and underwater surfaces with its patented swivel steering technology. It also comes with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to worry about cords getting in the way as it cleans your pool. It’s suitable for all types of inground vinyl liner or fiberglass pools (up to 50 feet long).

Hayward Aquavac 250 li Review
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  • More Debris Pickup
  • Complete Floor Coverage
  • More Battery Life
  • Cordless Design

Hayward Aquavac 250 li Review

The Hayward Aquavac 250 li is a great product. It is easy to use, very quiet, and does a great job cleaning the pool. I am very happy with my purchase of this robot cleaner.

This product comes with everything you need to start cleaning your pool right away! What I really like about this product is that it can be used in both above-ground and inground pools, which is great because it saves me money on buying two different cleaners. This cleaner works very well on both flat-bottomed pools as well as pools that have raised sides, which makes it a versatile product that can be used by most people who own swimming pools.

This cleaner has an auto shutdown feature that turns itself off after every 40 minutes of use so you don’t have to worry about leaving it running while you are out of town or sleeping at night if you want your pool cleaned each day without having to do anything yourself other than put it in place during the day when everyone else is awake so they can see what’s going on there

Design of Hayward Aquavac 250 li

The design of the W3RCH200CU is similar to that of the Hayward W3RCH200C, with a few key differences. First, it has an additional handle on top for easier maneuvering in tight spots or difficult corners. The additional handle provides a much more comfortable grip and allows you to easily lift it if you need to move the cleaner out of your way temporarily. Second, this model comes with two filter cartridges instead of one, one cartridge is used while cleaning and then another cartridge can be installed when not using it so that there’s always clean water circulating through your pool. Lastly, this model weighs less than other robotic cleaners at only 18 pounds!

Ease of Use

The Hayward Aquavac 250 li Automatic Pool Cleaner is a plug-and-play pool cleaner that requires no installation. It’s easy to use, with no cords to worry about getting tangled or in the way of your pool’s filter pump. The AquaVac also empties easily, cleans itself after each ,use and stores compactly for convenient storage when not in use. The manufacturer offers free lifetime technical support for all its products as well as free replacement parts if you need them within a year of purchase; beyond one year of purchase, you can pay a minimal fee for replacement parts and shipping costs.

Build Quality

The build quality of the Hayward Aquavac 250 li is very good. It’s made of plastic, which is light enough to float in water and easy to maneuver around the pool. The wheels are also made of plastic, which means they don’t get stuck on the bottom of your pool, so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck in one place.

The battery life is pretty decent, it lasts up to an hour on a single charge, depending on how large your pool is. The robot cleans on its own schedule and cleans all surfaces in your pool. It has a sensor that prevents it from falling into the water or damaging itself when it bumps into objects along its path. You can also use it with a remote control if you want more control over where it goes in your pool!

It does need some maintenance every once in a while, the filter bag needs to be emptied every few days (depending on how much debris gets caught up in there). You’ll also need to replace the batteries after about three months or so (depending on how often you use it).

Performance of Hayward Aquavac 250 li Automatic Pool Cleaner

It is a great product to have if you have a flat-bottomed pool. It’s easy to use and does a great job cleaning your pool.

This comes with everything you need to get started cleaning your pool. It includes a remote control, which makes it easy for you to control the robot from anywhere in your house. The robot also has a scrubbing brush that helps scrub away dirt from the entire bottom of your pool, as well as a filter bag that collects debris as it cleans your pool.

Hayward Aquavac 250 li takes about 30 minutes for this robot to clean an average-sized pool (about 18′ x 36′ in size). You can program the robot so that it cleans your pool at specific times during the week. The only downside is that this robot doesn’t go into corners or against walls very well because of its shape, something other robots do better at doing than this one does.


Pool cleaners are not toys. They are neither for children nor pets.

This cleaner should not be used in hot tubs, saltwater pools, or pools with a current.

Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner for Flat-Bottomed Pools

AquaVac 250 Li is the latest pool cleaner from Hayward and it comes with a lot of new features. It is designed to be used outdoors and can clean any flat-bottomed pools, whether they have an in-floor or above-floor pump, as well as larger inground concrete pools that have an 18″ sidewall. The AquaVac 250 Li comes with all the things you need for hassle-free installation: a hose, wall bracket, pressure gauge and filter basket; plus you’ll get one full year of warranty coverage!


Pros and advantages of Hayward Aquavac 250 li Pool Cleaner for Flat-Bottomed Pools:

  1. This product is designed to clean your pool automatically, so you don’t have to do it yourself.
  2. It has a vacuum hose attachment that extends from its body to help it reach every corner of your pool.
  3. It is compatible with any flat-bottomed pool, which means that it can clean all types of pools, including concrete, vinyl liner, ,fiberglass and gunite pools.
  4. It is lightweight, weighing only 15 pounds, making it easy for you to move around your pool when needed without having to struggle with its weight or bulkiness!


The only disadvantage of this product is that it doesn’t work well on pools with an uneven bottoms.

Specs of Hayward Aquavac 250 li

Product Length x width x height18 x 13 x 13 inch
Item Weight15 lbs
Item model numberW3RCH200CU
Batteries1 Lithium Ion battery

Conclusion: Our Verdict

The Hayward AquaVac 250 Li is a great pool cleaner for professional and home use. It is easy to use and can run continuously for up to 3 hours when fully charged. The design of the product is ergonomic, so it can be moved around easily without any effort on your part. Safety features have also been integrated into this product so users will not have any problems when operating it around children or pets in their home. Overall, this product received an impressive rating from all reviewers because of its features

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